11th SCHUNK Expert Days on Service Robotics

Premiere at SCHUNK Expert Days on Service Robotics: From February 27 – 28, 2019, the leading symposium for applied service robotics will take place for the first time in Odense, Denmark.

The third-largest city in Denmark has developed into a hot spot of European service robotics in the recent years. With the motto “Towards Open Robotics”, the 11th Expert Days promises an extensive overview of the current technology, questions, and trends of service robotics. Representatives will include Thomas Pilz, Managing Partner of the German automation and specialist, Pilz; Niels Jul Jacobsen, CSO at Mobile Industrial Robots, a Danish manufacturer of collaborative, mobile robots; and Jamie Paik, professor at ETH Lausanne and director of the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab there.

The range of topics is also diverse: It spans from human/robot collaboration through humanoid components and cloud robotics to microrobots and biorobots. The interdisciplinary symposium is targeted at researchers and technologists, industrial companies, and start-ups, as well as at humanities and social scientists, financial companies, and investors.

Information and registration:


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