Advantech iFactory Application Story Book

From many years, Advantech has applied Industry 4.0 practices in its manufacturing centers. Advantech’s Industry 4.0 journey began with equipment connectivity and process visualization solutions, and continues with optimization processes and cloud connectivity. Data is the key to improving efficiency in all of Advantech’s smart factories and the Industry 4.0 situation room is the factory’s nerve center where data is collected, analyzed, and visualized for real-time management and data-driven decision-making.

Advantech is an avid user and provider of Industry 4.0 solutions. They provide value-added products, solutions, and services that help customers to implement smart factory processes and experience the benefits Industry 4.0 efficiencies bring. In their experience, they have found that hardware/software integration is a major bottleneck for system integrators.

Accordingly, Advantech actively seeks partnerships so that the products and services we offer really help system integrators adopt Industry 4.0 practices more easily.

By working together Advantech is committed to the performance and success of your business in the future of Industry 4.0.

Download the iFactory Application Story Book by clicking here.

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