Audi to offer lectures on Digitization, Artificial Intelligence and Blockhain

Audi is to launch a new annual series of public lectures under the heading “Science in Dialogue” on Tuesday, January 29. A total of twelve theme evenings will focus on the most diverse facets of rapid global change. International scientists will provide insights into their research, highlighting both social and technological aspects. Admission is free of charge.

“Science in Dialog” is an event format which, in addition to informative lectures, aims to foster a personal dialog between participants and speakers. The program for the year 2019 offers a wide range of topics, including controversial ones such as questions of ethical responsibility associated with the use of artificial intelligence. Interested persons can also learn more about the city of the future, alternative drive systems and the potential of blockchain technologies. The drivers of digitalization and its impact on our everyday lives will also be examined. The scientists will also share their thoughts and theses on international environmental policy, diversity management and the mindfulness trend. Altogether, academics from eleven European universities will be guests at Audi.