Challenges and success stories of Industry 4.0 in Spain

Bilbao became the host city of the first Challenges and success stories of Industry 4.0 in Spain conference, a meeting in which entrepreneurs and industry experts have gathered to meet with prominent leaders in the sector, to know the first results of the implementation of digital technologies in the industry.

The participants have debated and shared some experiences and real implementations as a demonstration that Industry 4.0 is already a reality and not a theory. The event was chaired by Albert Planas, director of Advanced Factories, an event of reference in innovation and solutions for the manufacturing industry, who said that “it is very important to implement industrial automation as a start to the world of digital manufacturing and industry 4.0 to improve the competitiveness of production plants.”

Along with Planas, Carlos Gallego, Managing Director at Accenture, Jaume Homs, Iberia 3D Country Team Leader at HP; Jordi Pelegrí, Business Development Manager at Universal Robots; and Mikel Niño, Responsible for Industry 4.0 at Tecnalia, have given their point of view on the same subject.

Jordi Pelegrí, from Universal Robots, pointed out that “collaborative robotics is already a reality within the industry since we have already installed more than 27,000 robots. Innovation is a constant and we never cease to be surprised by the new applications that appear”.

Jaume Homs, meanwhile, has influenced the implementation of 3D printing in industrial processes and the progress being made in this field with its new technology HP 3D Multi Jet Fusion, which will be seen creating metal pieces for the first time during Advanced Factories.

On the other hand, Carlos Gallego has shared what Industry X.0 means for Accenture, as “digital reinvention of the industry, transforming the ‘core’, the experience of the worker and creating new business models.” In addition, has indicated what is the opinion of employers in our country about the adoption of new technologies. He also announced the imminent opening of a new center of Industry X.0 in Bilbao “a space where innovation will escalate to become a reality in the industry“.

Finally, Mikel Niño, responsible for industry 4.0 in Tecnalia, has stressed that his challenge now is “to provide companies with the ecosystem of technologies from the world of digitalization, to help them discriminate which applications can be more useful and so they can get more impact and greater business value. The key is to land the ‘where and for what’ of the specific cases for each company.”

This day marks the kick-off of the great industrial meeting, Advanced Factories 2019 that will take place from 9 to 11 April at the CCIB in Barcelona and in which the Industry 4.0 Congress is held, the largest congress on industry 4.0 and automation in southern Europe.