ChemPlast Awards rewards 4.0 industrial innovation

ChemPlastExpo the largest industrial meeting for professionals in the packaging sector, automotive, electronics, food, pharma, cosmetics or agrochemical, among others, discover the latest developments with which they can improve their competitiveness, optimize and modernize their production processes, will hold its first edition in Madrid (IFEMA) from November 6 to 8. In the framework of the event, the ChemPlast Awards are held, dedicated to recognize industrial innovation, new materials, solutions and implementation of Industry 4.0 to improve competitiveness and the production of industrial fabric.

The winners will be announced at the gala dinner chaired by Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain, on November 7.

The most disruptive and innovative finalist projects in Industry 4.0

The ChemPlast Awards held within the framework of ChemPlastExpo aim to recognize the work, leadership and transformation of those companies in the chemical and plastic sectors that are committed to innovation, sustainability and industrial digitalization in all its business areas.

This first edition of the ChemPlast Awards has received a total of 117 candidatures from companies, universities, suppliers, researchers, analysts, start-ups, accelerators, technology parks and innovation centers, among which the jury has selected the following finalists:

Opting for the award in the category Industrial leadership in the use of sustainable technologies and processes, which recognizes the innovative solution that is best increasing the competitiveness of the industry: Alteria Automation for the presentation of a configurable industrial predictive maintenance system each application in the manufacture of Industry 4.0 products; The Spanish Plastics Center for its method based on the sensing of the curing process of composites and adhesives, Adhesites 4.0 and GS Técnic for developing a unique system with a single treatment phase and several applications in the complete process of producing a container of PET.

In the category Prize for the best business initiative to face the challenge of the revolution 4.0 in the industry, the finalists are: the “Connected Operator” of 3R INDUSTRIA 4.0 focused on the digital connection of the operator in the process of digital transformation of companies ; the itoSave Kit for energy savings through servomotors developed by Itoplas Engineering and the 3D printing solution presented by Dynamics Tools.

The finalists in the category to the Award for the best technological innovation in the field of the development of new materials, which recognizes The most disruptive business models that have significantly impacted this sector this year are: the application of Essential Facilitator Technologies, TFE or KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) in the habitat materials of CTAG, Automotive Technology Center of Galicia; Apium P220 series technology from Apium Additive Technologies Gmbh and theproject Eurecat, Technological Center of Barcelona based on the increase in the dispersion of additives and nanoadditives in a thermoplastic matrix in the extrusion-compounding process.

Finally, the application of polyurethanes with shape memory in smart fabrics presented by the Technological Footwear Center of La Rioja; The technological solution based on EVA copolymers as a cold flow improver for crude oils and diesel oil developed by REPSOL and the research project on efficient integrated systems for the manufacture of parts based on unidirectional tapes from CTAG are the finalists of the category Best project of research for the industry.

The first edition of these awards is held within the framework of ChemPlast Expo, giving rise to the great industrial week next 6, 7 and 8 November at IFEMA – Madrid, for all those professionals in sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, packaging, packaging, agriculture, automotive or electronics, who want to discover the latest innovations in the chemical and plastic industries applied to their industries. A meeting where professionals from these industries can learn the latest in Industry 4.0, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Cybersecurity and Blockchain as well as the latest innovations, new materials and equipment goods from the chemical industry, in addition to machinery, robotics and state-of-the-art automation for plastic transformation.