China relies on digital animal vaccine production

Founded in 1993, Jinyu Bio-technology Co. Ltd. is a maker of animal vaccines. To enjoy the benefits of the increased reliability, traceability, and safety that digitalized production offers, Jinyu Bio has embarked on an Industry 4.0 journey with Siemens. The experienced Siemens team has drawn up a ten-year digitalization solution covering the entire life cycle. The plan calls for integration at three levels – that is, end-to-end, vertical, and horizontal integration.

When producing vaccines, relying on manual operations alone is inefficient, unstable, and even dangerous. That changes when production sites are digitalized: process steps become more reliable, traceable, and safer. Jinyu Bio is now the first in China to digitalize the production of animal vaccines. The ten-year plan drawn up by Siemens engineers targets integration at three levels:

End-to-end integration increases teamwork efficiency through real-time information sharing and coordination. Using the digital platform Comos, engineers at Jinyu Bio can access and modify design data anytime and anywhere. Comos also constructs digital twins of physical equipment, which in turn improves design accuracy.

Vertical integration breaks down information silos by bringing together information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) via XHQ Operations Intelligence software. A further essential tool here is Simatic IT eBR, a manufacturing execution system (MES) for the pharmaceutical industry. Among others, it controls automated production and provides for full traceability.

Horizontal integration is about generating insights from the data collected in a digital plant. With comprehensive digital offerings, such as Teamcenter, Simatic IT Unilab, and Sipat, Siemens is helping Jinyu Bio shape the horizontal integration of data, from material suppliers to vaccine customers. The management team at Jinyu Bio sees big data as integral for intelligent manufacturing – and eventually smart vaccination.

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