DFKI robot AILA goes to Berlin as a robotics ambassador

Next stop: capital city – As Bremen’s ambassador for robotics, AILA, the humanoid robot of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), is traveling to Berlin this summer. From September 2019 and for the upcoming years, she will be giving insights into the fascinating world of robotics to the visitors of the new house of futures “Futurium” in Berlin. Bremen residents will be able to visit AILA at the Bremen House of Science as part of the exhibition “Einfach Wissenswert: Robotik und KI” until June 15th and say goodbye to the robot lady on June 4th in the presence of her developers.

AILA, who celebrates her 10th “birthday” next year, was developed at the Robotics Innovation Center of the DFKI for research in the field of mobile manipulation. Equipped with powerful sensors and actuators, she is able to fully perceive its surroundings, to move within it and to manipulate objects. Her physique and agility allow AILA to operate in almost any human-made environment.

Over the years, the humanoid robot has been used as a research platform in a variety of projects, e.g. for cooperation with humans in the field of space or in Industry 4.0. The researchers succeeded in gaining important insights – i.a. in the field of full-body control and motion planning for complex robot systems, two-arm manipulation and mobile manipulation, gripping with multi-finger robot hands, teleoperation and reusable robot skills – which they published in internationally recognized journals. In addition, AILA gained local but also national and international fame through trade fair appearances, exhibition presentations and a large number of media reports.

The Bremen House of Science and the Robotics Innovation Center of the DFKI invites the interested public to the joint farewell of the robot on June 4th, 4 to 5 pm. In a short speech, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Frank Kirchner, head of the Robotics Innovation Center, will review the last ten years of AI and robotics research using the example of AILA, and then take a look to the future. Afterwards, guests can ask questions to the university professor as well as to the present DFKI scientists and developers of AILA.

The event closes with a guided tour through the current exhibition “Einfach Wissenswert: Robotik und KI”. Here, eight research institutes of Bremen present current projects from the forward-looking topic area. In addition to AILA, the DFKI also shows a NAO robot from B-Human. The RoboCup team of the University of Bremen and the DFKI research department Cyber-Physical Systems, which has been extremely successful with six world cup titles, only recently reached the top of the podium at the RoboCup German Open.

In Berlin, AILA will be part of the permanent exhibition of the new house of futures “Futurium”, which will be officially opened on September 5th, 2019. Directly on the Spree, between the main station and the Reichstag building, the Futurium invites visitors of all ages to explore different futures and explore the world of tomorrow. An exhibition, the Futurium Lab and an event forum are available on more than 5,000 sq.