Digital Transformation Strategy Infographic

To stay above the ever-increasing competition and catch up with the latest trends, continuous improvement in business performance is essential. And technology, the biggest disrupter of all time, has a significant role to play in this effort.

This is a time when emerging technologies like AI, RPA, machine learning, and cybersecurity are changing the business environment drastically. That’s why organizations have begun to realize the need to transform digitally and upgrade enterprise technologies, streamline workflows, and reap the best results from changing trends.

That being said, although change is constant, it can be hard. It’s even harder when it’s a technological transformation which is a multi-stage project spanned across several years. It’s more than a change in business approach. It brings about a cultural shift in the organization.

Various surveys and studies have shown that not all digital transformation initiatives are able to yield the desired results. Even from technology-savvy sectors such as media and telecommunications, many firms have admitted that their transformation strategies fell short of meeting expectations.

So, what makes some businesses succeed in their digital transformation initiatives while many others struggle to stay on track? The following infographic focuses on five radical constituents that assure a successful digital transformation strategy.

Written by Robby Gupta.