Emerging roles and Top 10 skills for the future of Manufacturing

The WMF Report 2019 ‘Skills for the future of manufacturing’ was presented on the stage of the World Manufacturing Forum in Cernobbio, at Villa Erba.

The Report, edited by the Scientific Committee of the World Manufacturing Foundation chaired by Prof. Marco Taisch and composed of major world experts on manufacturing, identifies the six emerging jobs in manufacturing and the ten most sought after skills in the labour market.

The six emerging roles in manufacturing: Digital Ethics Officer, Lean 4.0 Engineer, Industrial Big Data Scientist, Collaborative Robots Expert, IT/OT Integration Manager, Digital Mentor.

The top 10 skills for the future of manufacturing are:

• Digital literacy as a holistic skill to interact with, understand, enable, and even develop new digital manufacturing systems, technologies, applications, and tools;

• Ability to use and design new AI and data analytics solutions while critically interpreting results;

• Creative problem solving in times of abundant data and technological opportunities in smart manufacturing systems;

• A strong entrepreneurial mindset including proactiveness and the ability to think outside the box;

• Ability to work physically and psychologically safely and effectively with new technologies;

• Inter-cultural and -disciplinary, inclusive, and diversity-oriented mindset to address new challenges arising from a more diverse manufacturing workforce;

• Cybersecurity, privacy, and data/information mindfulness to reflect the rapidly increasing digital footprint of the manufacturing value chain;

• Ability to handle increasing complexity of multiple requirements and simultaneous tasks;

• Effective communication skills with humans, IT, and AI systems through different platforms and technologies;

• Open-mindedness towards constant change, and transformation skills that constantly question the status quo and initiate knowledge transfer from other domains;

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