Industry 4.0 takes flight in Asia-Pacific

The inaugural Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC – a HANNOVER MESSE event, will take place in Singapore, the region’s thriving manufacturing hub, at Singapore EXPO from 16 to 18 October 2018. The first-of-its-kind trade show for the Asia-Pacific region ushers in the 4th Industrial Revolution to this part of the world as the region’s manufacturing community is showing readiness for the next wave of transformational change.

According to PwC’s “Global Industry 4.0 Survey” report, close to half of industrial companies in Asia-Pacific rate their level of digitalisation as “high” . Separately, the “Industry 4.0 Market & Technologies Focus on Asia-Pacific 2018-2023” report forecasts the 2016-2023 Asia-Pacific Industry 4.0 market as the world’s fastest-growing, at a CAGR of 23.7%.

In ASEAN, the fifth largest manufacturing economy in value-added terms, manufacturing companies will ramp up their IoT technology investments to more than US$15b by 2019. Countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have already launched separate 4.0 roadmaps to spearhead their respective economic agendas. Singapore has also recently launched the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index to provide a common framework for companies to start, scale and sustain Industry 4.0 efforts.

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC reinforces Singapore’s position as a leading manufacturing hub as well as a gateway to Asia, where there is growing interest in the adoption of the latest technologies and solutions to enhance competitiveness,” said Mr. Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director, Singapore Economic Development Board. “It is an important platform for companies to exchange best practices and forge new partnerships to tap on the region’s growth.”

The market is clearly ripe to reap the full benefits of global Industry 4.0 growth. Singapore, ranked first on the Global Industry 4.0 Readiness Index 2017 , is the ideal conduit given the country’s full commitment to advanced manufacturing as a key driver of future economic growth, leading the way through global investments in state-of-the-art technologies, and its favourable pro-business environment augmenting private-public sector collaboration.


This inaugural trade event’s inspired vision is to create a strategic platform that evolves with the industry and is shaped by leaders and experts in support of their transformative initiatives. It emerged from deep community discussions among players who are keen to discover insights ranging from Industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing and smart supply chain management to R&D, technology transfer and workforce development.

The event serves industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical sciences, chemicals, consumer goods manufacturing, electronics, marine and offshore, oil and gas, and precision engineering amongst others.

As manufacturers in the region begin to understand that current business models are no longer sustainable, economies and businesses have to embark on their own transformational roadmaps. However, the pace of each journey is different and uneven, with players at varying stages of adoption. The event is thus designed and curated to help companies in Asia-Pacific start, scale and sustain their adoption of Industry 4.0 processes and solutions.

To that end, the event’s unique “Learning Journey” approach engages the community based on where they are in their current journey – beginners, early adopters or trailblazers. This will inspire learning, deepen understanding and enable relevant collaborations and ideas to take shape.

While new entrants to Industry 4.0 can glean insights from simplified tracks with access to recommended solution lists and specially curated demonstration areas, trailblazers will benefit from content and solutions related to transitional phases of Industry 4.0 and future proofing businesses. Through keynote sessions and sandbox presentations, market leaders and innovators will share adoption experiences with the community, as well as contribute perspectives in advanced domains targeting product lifecycle solutions and skills training.

As the founding partner of Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC, we are honoured to support the region’s flagship event and contribute to accelerating the transformation of manufacturing industry in Singapore and across the region,” said Mr. Ron Martin, Asia Pacific President of Emerson Automation Solutions. “Emerson has long served as a trusted partner to the industry, helping companies navigate the digital transformation landscape to drive better project and operations performance. We look forward to collaborating and engaging with the business community on this important discussion at Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC.”

Mr. Matthias Gunkel, Executive Vice President of Pepperl+Fuchs Asia Pte Ltd, said: “Pepperl+Fuchs, being the frontrunner in embracing Industry 4.0, recognises that participating in Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC from the outset allows us to showcase our latest technologies on advance manufacturing and Internet-of-Things to a well-targeted and quality audience.”


Recognising the strategic importance of the event in spearheading economic progress through industrial transformation, the event is strongly supported by various local government agencies and jointly powered by deep community insights. This is reflected in the composition of the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC’s steering and advisory committees, formed to provide counsel and guidance for the delivery and achievement of regional strategic and business objectives.

The steering committee consists of the Singapore Economic Development Board, Enterprise Singapore (newly merged from the previous International Enterprise Singapore and SPRING Singapore), the Singapore Tourism Board, and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Members of the international advisory committee include ABB, Accenture, Beckhoff, Bosch, Dematic, Emerson, Fraunhofer Singapore, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC), Pepperl+Fuchs, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA), Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA), TÜV SÜD and Yokogawa.

Manufacturers in Asia realise that a business model based on low-cost labour is no longer sustainable. Strong exhibitor registration for Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC – 60% per cent of floor space is already booked – clearly illustrates the high demand in the region for Industry 4.0 knowledge and technologies. Companies are taking advantage of this opportunity not only to do business, but also to share knowledge, network with regional trade associations and political organisations, and keep up with the latest trends and innovations,” said Mr. Marc Siemering, Senior Vice President – Industry, Energy, Logistics, Deutsche Messe AG.

SingEx Holdings’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Aloysius Arlando, said: “With the world in the midst of a historic transition driven by digitalisation and technology, integrated computing, networking and physical processes are revolutionising manufacturing.

With Asia-Pacific economies at varying stages of understanding and adoption, manufacturing automation will become a key economic driver for the regional economy as businesses start, scale and sustain their own Industry 4.0 roadmap.”

He added: “The depth of engagement with the community has allowed us to curate Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC as a platform specifically tailored to Asia-Pacific businesses, serving as an interchange for regional players to learn from different perspectives, cross-pollinate ideas, discover new opportunities and collaborate on solutions.”

The inaugural event is projected to welcome over 200 exhibiting companies, as well as more than 10,000 attendees from over 30 countries.

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