Masterclass with Henrik von Scheel, the Originator of the Industry 4.0

The audience will get exclusive insight on the Industry 4.0 and the latest management concepts, technique and tools on how to apply it. The aim is to enable teams on the 4.0 journey with a defined pragmatics roadmap forward. With a 4.0 roadmap each participant becomes a certified Industry 4.0 Expert.

The topics that are going to be discussed/elaborated

Get latest insight to the 4th industrial revolution:

• Discover the underlying disruptive forces and drivers of the paradigm shift

• Explore the different waves of the Industry 4.0

• 1st wave the 4.0 (2009-2016): Digitalization (IOT), Augmented Reality, Advanced Analytics, Robotics, Cloud Computing and 3D Printing

• 2nd wave of the 4.0 (2016-2025): Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Automation, 6G Communications, Future of Energy and Autonomous Systems

• 3rd wave of the 4.0 (2025- …): Cybersecurity, Quantum Technology, Neurotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics and Advanced Material

• Discover the latest management practices, techniques and tools to apply the Industry 4.0 topics

• Navigate the challenges and explore the opportunities to grow, compete and productivity

• Chart out the future opportunities and how to respond

• Detect where to transform and when to innovate

• Map out your Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Impact background of Henrik von Scheel

As a previous Google advisory board member, Henrik is quoted by Eric Schmidt as “One of the most preeminent strategic advisers of his generation”. In this endeavour, he has profoundly impacted the economies of nations and shaped the performance of the fastest growing fortune 100 companies, such as Apple, Roche, Lego, Ubs and governments: Government of Canada, USA and Nato.

Henrik is one of the most influential board members and serves and has served at Gazprom, Google, World Economic Forum, OECD National Competitive Council, Industry 4.0 Council and Digital Advisory Council at 9 countries, US Energy Committee 2030, Advisor to Expo2020, to name a few.

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