Mitsubishi Electric enables new business models using Digital Twin and IoT

An effective IoT enabled software platform is essential for production companies to coordinate and manage digital transformation. The solution ‘Elements for IoT’ from CONTACT Software, a new member of Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance offers just that. Data transparency for individual machines and devices across multiple locations allows for efficient planning, management and predictive maintenance.

Digitalisation of manufacturing, using tools such as CONTACT Elements for IoT, offers improved ROI for automation investment by increasing production uptime using predictive maintenance. It also creates an opportunity for new business models, such as machine as a service and service contracts based on predictive maintenance, which are driven by live information and intelligent systems.

Using Elements for IoT software, the complete lifecycle of machinery can be managed from a single reference point. Starting with CAD files of the equipment, a virtual operational model is built-up, and then connected to a physical production site.

Live data from machine tools, robots, PLCs and other Smart devices is used to create a digital twin. The twin is then used to achieve maintenance on-demand, it can reliably predict service requirements, improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime. Parameterising connections to the machines makes it easier to transfer useful live information without additional programming, making full use of the improved data transparency.

CONTACT Software joining the e-F@ctory Alliance adds another strong partner to the IT / OT solutions portfolio of Mitsubishi Electric, which already includes industry leaders such as SAP.

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