Supplement of the AMS Magazine dedicated to Industry 4.0

The last July edition of the prestigious Automotive Manufacturing Solutions Magazine (AMS), dedicates  52 pages special supplement to Industry 4.0 in the automotive sector.

This special AMS supplement reports the experiences of several OEM and TIER manufacturers about the digital transformation that they are carrying out in their manufacturing processes. The supplement also shows the different approaches and development possibilities of this fourth industrial revolution, based on the automotive industry manufacturers such as BMW, GM, Porsche, Gestamp and Hirotec, as well as important organizations such as Fraunhofer IPT and DFKI, dedicated to research and development of new technologies applicable to Industry 4.0.

According to AMS, the development and implementation of the different technologies currently applied to the improvement of manufacturing processes and the digital transformation of large companies are only the top of the iceberg of the great potential that is still to be seen in this fourth industrial revolution.

If you wish to read the supplement online, click here.

Source: Automotive Manufacturing Solutions