The IIC publishes the 10th edition of the Journal of Innovation

The Industrial Internet Consortium, now incorporating OpenFog, published the tenth edition of the Journal of Innovation. This edition is focused on innovative technologies.

We are especially excited about this Innovative Technologies Edition of the JoI,” said Mark Crawford, Director Standards Strategy SAP and Editor of the IIC Journal of Innovation (JoI). “This issue showcases IIC members collaborating on IoT technologies in a wide range of vertical industries from automotive to pharmaceutical, and highlights the value of IIC testbeds where innovative solutions are tested before being taken to market.”

The Innovative Technologies Edition of the Journal of Innovation includes articles contributed by experts:

Analytics for Workers’ Realities using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Beyond

•  Michael D. Thomas, SAS

Outcomes, Insights and Best Practices from IIC Testbeds: Smart Factory Web Testbed

•  Dr. Kym Watson, Fraunhofer IOSB

•  Joseph Fontaine, Industrial Internet Consortium

Keeping Ahead of the Curve with Custom ASICs

•  Edel Griffith, Adesto Technologies

•  Darren Hobbs, Adesto Technologies

•  Sohrab Modi, Adesto Technologies

Improving the Reliability and Security of Global Cold Chain Logistics

•  Dr. Dave Stanton, Wipro

•  Dr. Madhusudan Pai, Wipro

Communication Lockdown Methodology for Automotive Security

•  Dan Isaacs, Xilinx, Inc.

•  Dionis Teshler, GuardKnox

•  Jillian Goldberg, GuardKnox

•  Tal Nisan, GuardKnox

The Journal of Innovation highlights the innovative ideas, approaches, products and services emerging within the industrial internet such as Data, IoT and digital transformation, AI, smart cities, the smart factory and edge computing. Full current and past editions of the Journal of Innovation can be downloaded at