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Webinar: The new face of Industry 4.0: Plug & play

The majority of the production tools used in complex fields such as the automotive supply chain for parts production do not transfer reliable information such as condition, precise location and service or replacement alerts.

Bosch is implementing an injection molding pilot project with the aim to improve the supply chain complexity and to achieve real-time transparency. Future users will be integrated into the development solution to ensure the market necessities.

This retrofit solution is called Molding Tool Manager and will be released in March 2018 in its V1.0. The user will be able to collect and analyze real-time production data immediately in the future.

This webinar shows the following key topics:

• How to achieve full transparency by implementing Molding Tool Manager (V1.0 available 03/18).

Injection molding savings.

• How to leverage this plug & play tool to provide instant transparency on KPIs.

• How to apply these solutions to tools and machines.

• How to gain instant transparency on a real-time based supply chain production data

If you wish to watch the webinar click here.

Source: Bosch Software Innovations