Webinar: Using Industry 4.0 to cut costs, boost quality, and increase output

When there is a necessity of improving production operations, key targets such as cost reduction, quality improvement and production increase, require actions based on the need of not wasting resources. This requires a software solution based on Industry 4.0 that ease the mentioned key targets.

That is why Bosch has developed the “Performance Performance Manager” software tool that is already being used worldwide. The new version 3.0 of the software, improves the previous one with new functionalities to accelerate and facilitate the transfer of production operations to the era of Industry 4.0. All of them are shown in the webinar.

The “Production Performance Manager” software consists of a modular and scalable system. The selectable modules and complements available, complement this software solution with specialized functionalities that perfectly adapt to the needs of the client. Whether it is individualized monitoring of machines or complex predictive maintenance solutions for the entire plant, offering a complete set of “Industry 4.0” tools to meet the needs of the plant.

This webinar shows how you can improve production in a systematic way with practical examples. The demo shows the software functionalities for the following processes:

• Condition Monitoring

•  Quality Management

•  Predictive Maintenance

If you want to watch the webinar click here.

Source: Bosch