What to expect from the new 5G Network

The world has enjoyed a decade of the 4G network but has technology moves on so does the users expectation of 4G speed. Sadly, the way this technology is designed it will always have limitations and this means the 5G network will need to take the torch and move network speeds and productivity onto the next level. With 5G there are a lot of question people want answers, what can we expect? How can we prepare for it? and what opportunities lie with this new network? Here you can find the latest updates on the 5G network and what you can expect to see from it.

What is 5G Going to Offer?

Naturally, phones are becoming faster with processors in place to outrun the network they are currently connected to, and 5G promises to offer less lag between responses and actions. With expected speeds of around 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), The 5G will be 100 times faster than the current 4G network. Current feedback on the system is also relieving the latency is much less than the 4G network (this is the delay between a device acknowledging a data transfer command and executing it). To give you an idea of how fast the 5G network could be, imagine being able to download a full movie in less than 5 seconds in high definition.

The technology has also been adapted to work in sync with the Internet of Things or IoT, which means that technologies will be able to communicate with each other much more efficiently. Wired internet connection could also be in jeopardy as 5G looks to be removing all the cable access options to the internet for users.

Is Any Preparation Required Before 5G’s Release?

While from a customer perspective there is little you need to currently consider when 5G arrival, businesses will have more to think about when 5G becomes mainstream. Android and IOS app development companies, as well as websites, will be able to offer a much more detailed experience to their website without having to worry about slow load speeds. Taking advantage of faster loading speeds should be a consideration for most websites and app companies that are dependent of download speeds.

A select few countries have also opted to trail the 5G technology which includes South Korea, China and the U.S. telecommunication companies are set to make a massive investment in this technology which makes sense that the homelands of Apple and Samsung are part of the trail.

Because the new network will require a higher bandwidth and there will be a surge in the level of data being used, there will also be an investment in a system to manage this. It is also said 2019 will be the year when the exact bandwidth spectrum will be settled, as experts are saying that the 5G network will use frequencies known as Millimetre Waves.

To test 5G and prepare for future advancements, innovation incubators have been designed by many telecom businesses to help with the testing of 5G.

The Opportunity

It might surprise most, as the speeds for everyday users will now be incredible, but the real potential of 5G lies within the business sector. The new network has the potential to optimise work rates and digital communication by 100 times, increasing the efficiency of some industries significantly. With new avenues to explore with IoT, wearable technology and other devices will see a dramatic change and a new standardising of other mobile equipment.

The American Institute Centre of Research for Citizen Research has stated that investing in 5G networks can generate over $530 billion over a 7-year period which in turn, means tech companies should look to make the most of research around 5G and delve into investing in it, or risk losing out on its potential market value.

Written by Richard Meadow, a freelance writer that works closely with various tech websites. He is always interested in modern and advanced technology and enjoys writing about it.

 Twitter: @meadow_richard


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