Wireless production robots and employees will work hand in hand

An exciting demonstration at the 2019 Hannover Messe, where humans and machines work hand in hand: The Swedish network supplier Ericsson has brought a 5G network to its booth and is presenting, together with Audi and Sick, human-robot interaction in real time. A wireless production robot interacts with visitors there. The research project can be experienced at the Ericsson booth in Hall 8 of this year’s Industry 4.0 exhibition.

In the future, wireless production robots and employees will work hand in hand. Real-time interaction is essential for smooth collaboration. The key to this is 5G technology with its low latency, i.e. end-to-end delays of less than ten milliseconds, and its high level of network stability. As a result, interaction between humans and machines is made even safer thanks to 5G. The playful demonstration at Ericsson’s Hannover Messe booth is an example for the interaction in a factory. The robot has sensors connected to the 5G network. As soon as a visitor stretches his hand towards the robot, this is detected by those sensors. The robot then hands the guest a packet of mint sweets. “In the future, 5G will be essential to allow flexible, wireless robots to interact reliably and safely with people in production environments,” explains Jan-Peter Meyer-Kahlen, Head of the ICT Development Center Eurolab Aachen. “Because a robot connected via 5G can react to humans in real time only with extremely low latencies and very high availability.”
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